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Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings

Handmade wood carvings of Merlion. Cute as a lifestyle decorative ornaments or as a lovely souvenir from Singapore to your friends and family.

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  1. Merlion Wood Carving

    Merlion Wood Carving


    A unique merlion wood carving, a our long-time bestseller and original product. Light, affordable, and comes in many colours to add a bit of colourful quirkiness to your table top.

    *Please take note that as each piece is handmade, there may be slight differences in the painting.

    Height: 3 cm x 4 cm x 9 cm (H)

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  2. Pocket Merlion

    Pocket Merlion


    It has been around 10 years or more since our first launched of the Merlion wood carving. After that, it became a series and even now, it is still love by everyone. Therefore, we would like to introduce you our 20th work – Pocket Merlion (6 pieces).


    For this theme, it is Merlion with a healing existence. When you feel a bit tired, there will be six mini size and cute Merlion beside you to heal your heart. Each color represents different types of healing that we especially packed it in a way. It is advisable to place it on your desk or PC at home or office. We would like to highlight that it is handcrafted with warmth by the craftsmen and carefully finished one by one.


    Packaging can be selected from 2 versions of ① Skyline edition, ② Peranakan edition. Pocket Merlion are inclusive of 6 different colors in a pack (blue, pink, purple, white, green and orange each).

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  3. Singapore Adventure Dice Game (Japanese & English)

    Singapore Adventure Dice Game (Japanese & English)


    A traditional Japanese game with Singapore as theme. Trivia and quiz questions on a cotton board with merlion wood carvings as characters! Available in English & Japanese.

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  4. Merlion Chess (Wood)

    Merlion Chess (Wood)

    Merlion Wood Carving Chess. Fun, cute, and makes a great souvenir from Singapore too!

    Chessboard size: 15 cm x 15 cm

    Height of Merlion chess pieces: 6 cm

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  5. Merlion Airplane (Wood)

    Merlion Airplane (Wood)


    A cute little merlion on an airplane, a great memento or souvenir for your wonderful trip.

    Size: 6 cm in length.

    *Colour of Merlion will be random, subject to availability of stock.

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  6. Merlion Bench (Wood)

    Merlion Bench (Wood)


    Cute little merlions sitting on a long bench. Gives off a natural, yet cutesy vibe to your home.

    Size: 16 cm in length

    *Colour of Merlion will be random, subject to availability of stock.

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  7. Merlion Bus Tour (Wood)

    Merlion Bus Tour (Wood)


    "Remember that bus tour we had in Singapore?" A cute little bus souvenir ornament with Merlions to remind yourself of those fun times in Singapore.

    Size: 11 cm by 5 cm by 7 cm

    Merlion Souvenirs from Singapore!

    *Colour of Merlion will be random, subject to availability of stock.

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  8. Merlion Wood Elephant

    Merlion Wood Elephant


    Traditional Wood Carving of Merlions sitting on an elephant. A cute little souvenir gift from Southeast Asia.

    Size: 10 cm x 3 cm x 6.5 cm (H)

    *Colour of Merlion will be random, subject to availability of stock.

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  9. Merlion Wood Calendar

    Merlion Wood Calendar


    A cute addition to your desk at home or office. Count your fulfilling days by changing the cubes to form different dates daily with this cute wooden Merlion Calendar. It's great way to remember your Singapore travels as well!

    *Please take note that the colour of the Merlion calendar will be at random and cannot be chosen.

    Size: 10 cm x 5 cm x 8.5 cm (H)
    Components: 2 wooden cubes, 3 wooden bars with months, 1 main wooden log bench

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  10. Merlion Wood Massage Stick

    Merlion Wood Massage Stick


    From our popular Merlion Wood Carving series, this Merlion Wood Carving Massage stick is a reminder of your Singapore travels and also a handy companion to perform your own foot reflexology in the comfort of your home! Press various trigger points on the soles to improve overall health. The perfect souvenir gift for elders.

    Length: 14 cm Merlion Souvenirs from Singapore! Learn More

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