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Southeast Asian traditional jade-like celadon tableware that will add just the sophisticated touch to your home. The added merlion motif also makes this series a great souvenir gift for your superiors, friends and family. Beautiful gift boxes make these gifts suitable for corporate occasions as a welcome gift, door gift or company events.

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  1. Merlion Celadon Mini Dish

    Merlion Celadon Mini Dish


    Having the iconic representation of Singapore glistering in the lustre of the jade-coloured traditional Celadon ceramics, makes our Merlion Mini dish not only as a stylish tableware, but also as a great addition to your interior decoration as an accessories holder.

    You can use it hold your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings or even pour in some sauce as dips to serve your guests stylishly.
    The sparkle of your accessories against the contrast of the rich jade-coloured ceramic creates an exquisite harmony.

    It makes as a wonderful gift or souvenir that represents Singapore!

    Box Size:12.8㎝x10㎝x3.3㎝

    Release Date: 18/04/2017

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  2. Merlion Celadon Lotus Bowl

    Merlion Celadon Lotus Bowl


    A new addition to our Celadon Series, this sophisticated Lotus-Shaped bowl with a Merlion emblem at the bottom can serve as a wonderful premium souvenir. Learn More

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  3. Merlion Celadon Chopstick Rest

    Merlion Celadon Chopstick Rest


    A new addition to our Celadon Range. Enhance the display of your dining space by using this Merlion emblem celadon chopstick rest.

    Size:4 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm (H)

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  4. Celadon Skyline Rectangle Plate

    Celadon Skyline Rectangle Plate

    Besides being a tableware, our Skyline Plate makes a wonderful addition to your interior décor as an art plate. The shadow of the iconic Skyline makes a beautiful contrast against the lustre of the jade-coloured traditional Celadon ceramics, creating a refreshing atmosphere. It makes a wonderful gift embodying the unique memories of Singapore for your loved ones. We highly recommend that you visit our store today to take a look at this stunning plate.


    Box Size:21.8㎝x11.5㎝x2.0㎝ Learn More

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  5. Celadon Round Skyline Plate

    Celadon Round Skyline Plate

    Diameter of product: 18 cm

    Dimensions of box: 19 cm (L) * 19 cm (W) * 3.9 (H) cm

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  6. Celadon Beer Mugs (2pcs)

    Celadon Beer Mugs (2pcs)


    Beer lovers, rejoice! Finally, a Celadon product that caters to beer lovers is here.

    What sets this new product apart from all the other existing Celadon products is the addition of the material, terra cotta, to the base of the mugs. The reddish-brown earthware contrasts with the jade green of Celadon, bringing out the lustre of the Beer Mugs and making them more sophisticated looking.

    Height: 11 cm

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  7. Merlion Celadon Teacups (2pcs)

    Merlion Celadon Teacups (2pcs)


    NEW ARRIVAL! We are so excited to launch our original Merlion Celadon series. Celadon is a special kind of ceramics that is jade-coloured and bear a distinctive crackled apperance.

    Diameter: 7 cm

    Height: 6 cm Learn More

  8. Merlion Coaster

    Merlion Celadon Saucers (2 pcs)


    Original celadon saucers with Merlion logo. Great as a Singapore Souvenir, bearing the merlion emblem. Jade-like colour and distinctive crackled appearance. A beautifully traditional item to have in your homes.

    Size: 9 cm by 9 cm

    Size of gift box: 19.5 cm x 10 cm Learn More

  9. Singapore Celadon Ornament

    Singapore Celadon Ornament


    Miniature Celadon ornaments that represent the Singapore city skyline. There are 4 designs currently (Marina Bay Sands, Merlion, Singapore Flyer and Garden by the Bay) making them great traditional souvenirs to remember Singapore by.

    Size: 4 cm x 1 cm x 4 cm (H)

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