It has been a month since we launched our「SirotanxMerlion」soft toy and we are receiving a great response from our customers! We are apologetic that we were out of stock for a limited period and caused inconvenience to our customers.

As we are able to provide steady stock supply for the soft toy now, we would like to commemorate the release by inviting fellow Sirotan fans to our 『SirotanxMerlion Facebook Fan Group』run by Melissa Zakka. We are hoping to gather fellow fans to bring about interaction. Members can post photos that they have taken with the 「SirotanxMerlion」that they have bought from us!

If you have any questions regarding our 「SirotanxMerlion」products, such as the soft toy, memo pad, and washi tape, do feel free to inquire within the fan group as well.

We look forward to having you join our 「SirotanxMerlion」Family!

Melissa Zakka 「Sirotan x Merlion」Fan Group Page