New Updates - 2019

【Peranakan House by Melissa Zakka】Newly established beside current store!

Next to our current (#04-30) store, we have set up our new "Peranakan House" (#04-29).


Our motive on bringing you this Peranakan House is mainly:

1) Through the traditional Peranakan potteries that we already carry and modern Peranakan products that we, Melissa has produced, we hope to introduce the Peranakan culture to more of our current and prospective customers.

2) Being a store that focuses on selling Peranakan goods in Orchard Area, we will be happy if more people can access to our store and come to know about Peranakan goods.


This new setup has also become an Instagram worthy spot for many visitors.


In order to bring the experience of the Peranakan culture to our fellow visitors,

Our staffs are also planning out new activities that would be rolled out in the near future.


Putting on new challenges from now and forth,

We hope to bring more fun and exciting products,

Spreading the Peranakan vibe to as many as possible.


Please continue to show your loving support for us, Melissa Zakka!