Melissa Zakka's Original Theme Song「Memorable Treasure Box」is now on Youtube! Please give it a listen!

We are glad to bring you our original theme song "Memorable Treasure Box", that is now available on Youtube. This is the first time that we have our very own theme song and we hope you will listen to it!

Much similar to that of the title, the lyrics speak of bringing back the memories of Singapore for tourist that comes on their trips. The song is up-tempo and carries a fairly catchy tune. Do check it in your free time. We will be playing this during the Christmas season at our shop, so please look forward to it.

We have also showcased various tourist spots in the video, hence we recommend you to listen and watch it together. Of course, Melissa Zakka is also shown too!

Produced by

Please visit the above links for information regarding the Music Producers, SHINA and KazamiRika, for our theme song"Memorable Treasure Box".