Our brand new item now on sale!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary here at Melissa Zakka, we have come up with this latest snack of ours, the Merlion Pineapple Cookies! The theme that we had in mind was Original Melissa Zakka's Cafe snack.

On the package, you can clearly see the design of our very own Melissa Zakka's Cafe in addition, the Merlion Cookies is also made visible. Actually, we have put much effort to showcase the Merlion on the outside of the packaging.

On the inside, the cookies are filled with an appropriate amount of pineapple jam and, we find that the sweetness is just right for our tastebuds.

The amount of the cookie dough and the jam is well-balanced, which makes you want to grab more after each bite.

Before you decide to purchase, you're more than welcomed to have a taste of these cookies at our store!

We will be bringing you more updates on our new products in the future.

Do stay tuned!

We look forward to your visit to Melissa Zakka!

Merlion Pineapple Cookies 
1. Usual Price - S$10 
2. One Box - 12 Pieces 
3. Packing - Individual 
4. Box Design - A stylish visual adaptation of Melissa Zakka's Cafe, putting much effort into the details of the Merlion. 
5.Specialty -

a. A satisfying amount of pineapple jam filled in each cookie.

b. Each cookie would be fulfilling to have for your appetite. 
c. The pineapple jam tastes authentic.

d. Each cookie is in the shape of a Merlion, perfect as a gift.

e. Each cookie is packed individually, making it easy to share with someone. 
6.Food Tasting - Food tasting is available at our store. Have a taste and grab some to go!